Business people have in the past concentrated on producing a lot of content rather than concentrating on the quality. While producing loads of information may seem a good way to get a better google ranking, great content does not rely on the word count but on the user’s experience. You don’t need to create a lot of irrelevant information; you can create precise and quality content that will ensure people keep coming to your site.

Search engine algorithms have nowadays changed from being keyword-centric. People are looking for useful information that they can use to solve different problems. Most companies like Google are changing their algorithms to consider other factors like user experience to determine website ranking. Based on human behaviour, people don’t enjoy reading through an entire website that’s stuffed with pages of information. On the contrary, people prefer going through shorter texts that are more helpful and less time-consuming.

What’s an Ideal Content Length?

Getting to know the most ideal content length is a delicate choice because you don’t want to make the articles look too shallow or too long and boring. There are two factors that determine the selection of article length: mobile phone users and desktop users. Research done to determine how many people scroll to the bottom of a web page shows that shorter articles did better than longer ones on mobile phones. On the other hand, fairly long articles did better than shorter ones for desktop users. Using too many words can frustrate readers because it becomes hard tracing the information that is relevant to them.

Great content is not determined by how many words you write, but by how useful website visitors find your content. You should direct your efforts toward fulfilling the needs of your potential customers rather than writing just for the search engine. At the end of the day, there is someone who will read your content. Even if your ranking improves out of the creation of long posts, your conversion rates will be low because you won’t have people revisiting your site.

How Efficient Are Keywords in SEO?

Most marketers think that having as many keywords in a business post will raise the ranking in equal magnitude. While keywords are very important, overusing them doesn’t mean you get a bigger audience. Google does not rank sites based on the use of numerous keywords that are irrelevant. To get a better ranking, a page needs to be mobile-friendly, well designed, and have long click metrics. You must focus on integrating all these factors instead of concentrating just on the article length and the number of keywords. Creating quality content will make people visit your website more often.